About Me

EDIT: More info about what I do at my main website: about Tommy Jarnac.

I’m Tommy. My full name is a weird mix between an american first name and a (very) french family name. I’m actually French but I honored the first part of by name by living 18 months in Austin, Texas a few years ago. Some people receiving an email from me thought I was a scammer since my last name has the same pronunciation as “I scam” in French. Things get complicated rather quickly, as you can see.

Since the US episode I have lived 4 years in Netherlands, have traveled on long trips in South America and South East Asia, and have turned my software skills into an entrepreneurial adventure since 2011. I developed a few projects to bring some passive income, learning online marketing and SEO along the way. I’ve started a SaaS product for the french market that is still ongoing. On top of that, I blog and freelance for short term projects.

On the personal side, I enjoy dancing salsa, listening to world music, hiking mountains, climbing, playing tennis, and I keep fantasizing about starting diverse martial arts without being able to start one. My non-active interests include reading business books and personal development books, economics and the environment.

I’ve been living in Paris in France since the very first days of 2012.

Here are a few places you can find me on the web: