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15 Great Startup Blogs and Resources

  1. Joel on Software
    The famous Joel Spolsky runs his own startup, Fog Creek Software and has been blogging about how to hire top talent, how to price products, and has created the Joel Test to test the quality of a software team. He has also recntly created the collaborative site StackOverflow, allowing programmers to share their knowledge.
  2. Paul Graham’s essays
    Ex-Internet startup founder now venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley, Paul writes about all important things for the aspiring tech entrepreneur: how to do what you love, why ambitious people still live in cities, how to come up with ideas for startups and similarities between hackers and painters.
  3. Techcrunch
    Techcrunch is all about tech startups news. Every day it features several posts about current trends in tech, new companies or evolutions of current startups. It’s a very good resource to keep up with the startling pace in technology.
  4. ReadWriteWeb
    Also covering startup news, ReadWriteWeb features a very good weekly wrap-up, which comes very handy if you can’t devote the time to keep up with each and every new article.
  5. Steve Blank
    Steve Blank is an experienced serial entrepreneur who advocates the customer development model: in this model, product development should go together with customer development, and focus on learning and discovery, rather than execution: see Am i a founder? the adventure of a lifetime, The customer development manifesto, Building a company with customer data metrics are not enough.
  6. Startup Lessons Learned
    Eric Ries’s blog is getting some momentum in the blogosphere. He advocates the lean startup model: to strive to make a vision intersect with market reality. Some intersesting blog posts include: Minimum Viable Product: a guide, The promise of the lean startup, The Steve Jobs method.
  7. Seth Godin
    Even though Seth doesn’t strictly speak about startup, he delivers daily advice for people who want to make a difference, give something to the world and spread a message. The consistency with which he writes great blog posts makes him one of the most famous bloggers on the planet.
  8. A Smart Bear
    Jason Cohen, founder of Smart Bear Software, a company making a code review tool, shares insights and delivers advice on the long journey of a tech entrepreneur: you’re a little company, now act like one, starting a business isn’t as crazy and risky as they say, Find out why they’re not buying with less than a day of work.
  9. Signal Vs Noise
    Signal Vs Noise is the blog of the company 37Signals, otherwise famous for the book Getting Real. They are famous for being very opinionated and their blog posts usually spark contradictory reactions in the blogosphere: Fire the workaholics, The natural evolution from side project to full-time business, less as a competitive advantage.
  10. On Startups
    Dharmesh Shah insists on things you should focus while working on a startup: Why your startup should not copy 37Signals or FogCreek, Releasing early is not always good? Heresy!, Startup Marketing: tactical tips from the trenches.
  11. Answers On Startups
    Answers On Startup is a collaborative site (A La Yahoo Answers), where people interested about startups ask and answer questions. You can browse the most popular questions and you will probably find questions you ask yourself!
  12. Eric’s Weblog
    Even though its focus has lately been more on the business itself (source control software), Eric Weblog is a gold mine of resources for whoever thinking about striking on his own : the 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing, tips about finding ideas for startups, the one thing to know about negotiation.
  13. Mixenergy
    Mixenergy interviews startup founders and other internet phenomenons, like Gary Vaynerchuck and Tim Ferriss.You need to pay a monthly subscription to have access to archives though.
  14. Hacker News
    Hacker News is a feed of technology and startup related news. There can be lots of noise, but you can also find real gems.
  15. Business Of Software Forums
    This is a community of passionate entrepreneurs exchanging ideas and advice about starting and developing startups.

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